Richardson Nature Center Showcases Work of Local Photographer

Edina resident Bob Rorke exhibits nature photographs.

Bob Rorke’s photography was recently on display at Richardson Nature Center. He and his wife live in Edina and often walk through the Richardson Nature Center in the evening or early morning. His 14 nature images were taken at the center and spotlight the beauty of the area.

Rorke first got into photography while traveling with his wife. During visits to Maine, Norway, Ireland and France, he loved seeing how his wife photographed the scenery. Photography is now a hobby they share. Rorke says, “A few years ago, when a good friend of mine was diagnosed with kidney cancer, I knew he loved birds and nature. I would post photos on Facebook of cedar waxwings, eagles, egrets, herons, butterflies and sunrises as a way of greeting him.” By doing so, Rorke got more involved with nature photography.

Rorke finds photographing nature energizing as well as helpful for developing patience and adding peace and focus to his life. For some of his exhibition photos, he could take his time to focus and get a little closer. But with a buck and a coyote, he kept his distance.

Work from new artists is rotated through the Richardson Nature Center gallery about every six months. Rorke says his images are “our way of celebrating the peace the Richardson Nature Center gives us when we walk there.”

Richardson Nature Center is open year-round. Check the website for hours and information about a variety of winter activities.