Rotary Club of Edina Presents 2017 Women in Leadership Award

Lauren Morse-Wendt received the 2017 Chrysanne Manoles Women in Leadership Award

The Rotary Club of Edina honored Lauren Morse-Wendt with this year’s Chrysanne Manoles Women in Leadership award. Morse-Wendt was chosen for her work with 66 West, an organization that provides housing for young adults who experienced previous homelessness. “Lauren was an easy choice for us,” says former Rotary Club president Jennifer Bennerotte, “She’s sort of a ball of energy.”

In 1987, the Supreme Court ruled to allow women entry into Rotary Clubs across the nation – this change took place in 1989.  “Rotary International has kind of a checkered past when it comes to its demographic,” Bennerotte says. Despite this, the club now regularly celebrates the work of women.  

The Rotary Club of Edina
meets every Thursday at Edina Country Club and is always on the lookout for additional members.