Seeing is Believing

Visual social media site Instagram helps shoppers see what’s hip.
Bluebird Boutique uses Instagram to show off the latest fashions.

As human beings are visually driven creatures, it is no surprise that more and more clothing and home goods shops are flocking to the social media platform Instagram. Two shops on 50th and France, Bluebird Boutique and At Home and Co., have been posting photos of their goods on this site for the past year. Sacha Martin, co-owner of Bluebird Boutique, finds Instagram to be an effective advertising tool. “It drives customers to the store or the website,” Martin says. Bluebird Boutique customer and Instagram follower, Jodie Heyerdahl, couldn’t agree more. “I’m always getting ideas from [Sacha’s] Instagram photos,” she says.

Allison Miller, associate designer and project and marketing manager of At Home and Co. finds that the social media platform offers a new way for customers to engage with merchandise. “As designers we are visually-driven, and Instagram allows us to display our product and projects in a different way,” she says.

Look for your favorite local shop on Instagram. Follow Bluebird Boutique and At Home and Co. on Instagram: @bluebirdedina, @ahandco