Skate with Santa

Come meet Santa at the rink.

Many families will bring their children to meet Santa at the mall during the Christmas season, but in Edina, residents also have a chance to see Santa in his naturally chilly environment.

The Skate with Santa event at Braemar Arena gives the whole family a chance to enjoy holiday fun at the rink. “[It’s] our way of exposing Braemar Arena and its facility to many families that do not typically come to Braemar for family fun,” explains Roxann Maxey, assistant manager at Braemar.

Open skating with Santa and his helpers will merit photos, Maxey says. Families can bring their own cameras, and a winter-themed craft station and cookie decorating station will be available.

Skate with Santa, as well as other events during the winter at Braemar, are a part of the celebration of 50 years at Braemar. Come celebrate Braemar’s history and, of course, the winter season.

Skate with Santa, all ages, 10:30 a.m.–noon, Braemar Arena, 7501 Ikola Way

Registration and information available here.