Spring Gardening Tips from Local Experts

Edina Garden Council member shares some gardening tips.
Cleome, zinnia and wax begonias decorate Rosland Park flower beds.

The Edina Garden Council is a nonprofit organization that began in 1953. It’s made up of five different clubs that meet regularly at the greenhouses in Arnesen Acres Park. Their mission is to beautify Edina with plants.

Long-time Edina Garden Council member Betty Workinger is looking forward to planting native plants with the Edina Garden Council. “We hope to plant some of them, and give and sell others to the public so that they can start their own pollinator habitats,” says Workinger. She adds that the hybrid lilies, peonies and day lilies at Arnesen Acres Park are a big attraction for visitors.

Three gardening tips every beginner should learn:
1. Ask lots of questions from other gardeners. I have learned everything I know from fellow gardeners and the Edina Garden Council.
2. Start small.
3. Remember that a garden is never finished.

What would you say to those people who are intimidated by gardening or don’t know where to start?
Walk through the neighborhood and chat with other gardeners or join a garden club. See what you like, then decide if it’s suitable for your location.

Are there any gardening blogs, websites or books you go to?
Horticulture magazine
Northern Gardener magazine

What is your favorite flower or plant?
Daisy. They’re just kind of wild and happy.

For more information visit the Edina Garden Council Facebook page or email questions to [email protected].