Summer Illumination

How outdoor lighting can liven up your landscape.

Looking for some great ideas to transform your already beautiful landscape into an ethereal dreamscape?

Since no yard is the exactly the same, Tom Dahlmeir, landscape designer at Sunnyside Gardens, encourages homeowners to seek a specialist when installing low-voltage lights. He also discourages cost-cutting in this area, as lower-quality lighting from non-specialty stores is much less likely to last a Minnesota winter. He adds that down-lighting from your mature trees can add a dramatic look to a garden or other focal point of the yard.

Lincoln Danforth, designer at Yardscapes, says that low-voltage landscape lighting provides the bonus of safety value, as all stretches of your property can be better seen with some accented lighting. Danforth, however, is still a fan of the classic halogen bulb, which emits more heat and can melt snow around it for a luminous glow in all seasons.