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Artist Offers "What the World Needs Now"

Heart #44 original mixed media on canvas

“Stephanie Dillion’s signature heart paintings are like pieces of the past, hardships that one never thought they were capable of getting through, yet we do. And somehow, our heart is put back together stronger and more beautifully than we ever thought possible by grace and love. And … it’s just what the world needs now, love, sweet love,” says Hollie Blanchard, co-founder of The Art Girls Minneapolis.

Title: Heart #44 original mixed media on canvas
Artist: Stephanie Dillion of Minneapolis
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For Your Collection

Painting of a boxer by Richard Merchan

Hollie Blanchard, co-founder of Art Girls Mpls. says, “The Boxer by artist Richard Merchán is a beautiful representation of his loose impressionistic approach fueled by strategic hints of color perfectly placed throughout the composition. I love the strength yet humility this piece exudes. I see this and I think hard work, passion, perseverance, drive and teamwork … that’s the best punch you could give life!” Read more about For Your Collection



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