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On a Roll

The Fab Tap drinks trailer

Do what you love. This expression has been key to many people’s success, and Lindsey Pattee took it to heart when creating The Fab Tap. With a desire to share her favorite things with others, Pattee explains that her interests serve as the backbone of her business. “I always kept going back to the three things that brought me joy—connection, flowers and a bit of bubbly,” she says. Read more about On a Roll

Edina’s Happy Hour Boost

A small card on the table of Mozza Mia near 50th and France advertises a Monday special: 10 bottles of wine, each priced at only $10. In the back room, a group of artsy partyers learns brushstroke techniques at a bi-monthly event sponsored by Wine and Canvas, taking advantage of the $10 bottles.
Since Edina’s liquor ordinance was changed in May 2012, allowing restaurants to advertise discounted drink specials, businesses are finding plenty of creative ways to market themselves and their specials, including innovative new events.
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