From High School Writer to Published Author

Author Caitlin Hamilton Summie

Rewind back to the year 1986. This was when Edina native Caitlin Hamilton Summie walked across Edina High School’s graduation stage, and later studied Middle Eastern history in Massachusetts. However, before graduating high school, Summie took a specialized creative writing class and was editor at Images, the Edina High School’s literary magazine. With a passion for writing, Summie knew she had always been meant to write.

Books, Sips and Pet Tips for September


News of the World by Paulette Jiles opens on a rainy evening in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1870. Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd reads from national and international newspapers to a crowded room. People pay a dime for the chance to listen to stories about the Arctic, India, and Chicago. After the reading, a freight hauler approaches Captain Kidd.

The Gryphon Press Teaches Children about Kindness to Animals

For just over a decade, the Gryphon Press has provided what it calls “a voice for the voiceless” by offering children thoughtfully illustrated books which highlight the human-animal connection while fostering empathy in young readers for other living beings. “For me, the most important part is that Gryphon is known for fair witness and justice,” publisher Emilie Buchwald says.



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