From High School Writer to Published Author

Author Caitlin Hamilton Summie

Rewind back to the year 1986. This was when Edina native Caitlin Hamilton Summie walked across Edina High School’s graduation stage, and later studied Middle Eastern history in Massachusetts. However, before graduating high school, Summie took a specialized creative writing class and was editor at Images, the Edina High School’s literary magazine. With a passion for writing, Summie knew she had always been meant to write.

Books, Sips and Pet Tips for September


News of the World by Paulette Jiles opens on a rainy evening in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1870. Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd reads from national and international newspapers to a crowded room. People pay a dime for the chance to listen to stories about the Arctic, India, and Chicago. After the reading, a freight hauler approaches Captain Kidd.

The Gryphon Press Teaches Children about Kindness to Animals

For just over a decade, the Gryphon Press has provided what it calls “a voice for the voiceless” by offering children thoughtfully illustrated books which highlight the human-animal connection while fostering empathy in young readers for other living beings. “For me, the most important part is that Gryphon is known for fair witness and justice,” publisher Emilie Buchwald says.


For the Love of Literature

When asked what inspired Jerry Olafson to re-publish The Adventures of Happy Bunny, the answer was simple: his mother. In honor of her 100th birthday, Olafson thought it would be fitting to “freshen up and re-publish” the story that was read to him so many times as a child. The book follows Happy Bunny, the oldest of several bunnies, who has to leave home to find enough food for his family before winter. The original story was published in 1917 and was a gift for his mother in 1920.


Judith Guest and Edina’s Longest Running Book Club

It was 1976. Judith Guest had recently moved to Edina and looked to the Newcomers’ Club for opportunities to become connected. Guest and other new-on-the-block book lovers were encouraged to sign up for Newcomers’ “alternate” book club that met at night. “You have to remember,” says Guest, who turned 80 this year, “most women didn’t work during the day. So the daytime book club was fairly full.” The evening book club, by contrast, was desperate for members. Guest and several other women joined. “We called ourselves ‘The Desperates,’” she recalls with a laugh.


Award-Winning Edina Author Maureen Millea Smith Publishes “The Enigma of Iris Murphy”

In her new collection of linked stories, The Enigma of Iris Murphy, Edina librarian and writer Maureen Millea Smith constructs the world of single mother and Nebraska public defender Iris Murphy. Many characters chime in to tell Iris’ tale. Two of the stories are written from the perspective of Iris’ son, who is in the foreign service. Others are from the point of view of a character in prison. Two characters who share their stories have an unusual ability to understand animals. There’s even a contribution from a librarian’s viewpoint.


Books: Teaching Awareness in a Virtual Reality

Edina author Roseanne Cheng is hoping to cause a conversation at the dinner table using her young-adult fiction. Her second book, Edge the Bare Garden, tackles the hot-button issue of the seemingly inconsequential nature of the internet. “I’m fascinated by what a wonderful and terrible place the internet is,” says Cheng.



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