Green Acres

cabin-friendly plants

Cabin owners know
the drill.
Head up (or over) to the lake in springtime for opening, plant the garden beds and flower boxes, return home and hope for the best. Either at the next visit or any other time during the summer, arrive to find death-by-thirst plants or a florae crime scene, thanks to the local rabbits and/or deer populations. Read more about Green Acres

How to Pack for Your Cabin Adventure

The weekend migration—cabin (or is it cottage?) owners know it well. While timing is everything (scoot out of town as early as possible to beat the traffic), loading the car with just the right amount of food, sundries and clothes is equally important for well- (not over-) stocked lakeside respites.

Local moms Jodi Young and Jill Emmer have been going to the lake with their respective families enough times over the years to have developed tried-and-true packing tips, including what to bring, where to get it and how to pack it.

Meet Our Moms: Jill Emmer + Jodi Young Read more about How to Pack for Your Cabin Adventure

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