Pitch Perfect

Pitch a glamping tent in your backyard.

Backyard camping is a timeless outdoor experience, but can take a bit of effort and supplies to prep for a night or two under the stars. Luckily, Pitched Mpls. can bring a luxurious camping experiences right to your backyard for you. Read more about Pitch Perfect

Suburban Camping

In the summers of 1962 and ’63, Edina youngsters explored the wilderness in their city’s backyard during overnight camping trips sponsored by the parks and recreation department.

“Camp a Night” brought youngsters to the Hays Farm in southwest Edina, purchased by the city in 1956 for future development as a park. That proximity came in handy during a couple of loud thunderstorms, when some scared campers asked to go home, recalls Bob Kojetin, then assistant parks and recreation director, who led the trips and did most of the cooking. Read more about Suburban Camping

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