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Read the March 2022 Digital Edition

We’re entering the month that signals the official end of winter, with the spring equinox taking place on March 20. But that certainly doesn’t mean that winter weather will magically disappear. This is a month of uncertainties intermingled with hope. Will the snow melt and usher in an early spring? Or will we spend another month or more bundled up, digging ourselves out of snow drifts? Read more about Read the March 2022 Digital Edition

Read the January 2022 Digital Edition

Hello, readers! May I introduce myself? My name is Amy Overgaard. I’m a writer and editor living in St. Paul with my husband (and hopefully a dog, soon, if all goes according to plan!). But why is a St. Paul gal like me writing the editor’s note for your magazine? Well, I recently took the reins of Edina Magazine, and I’m honored to oversee this exceptional community lifestyle publication as the new editor. There’s nothing like new beginnings for the new year, right? Read more about Read the January 2022 Digital Edition

Read the December 2021 Digital Edition

I’m entering the holiday season with joy in my heart. Joy for having had the opportunity to share local stories about amazing people doing cool things in Edina in the pages of your community lifestyle magazine. I’ve met artists, chefs, restaurateurs, builders, boutique owners, educators, beauty experts, dedicated volunteers and nonprofit leaders. This is a truly wonderful city, and it has been my pleasure to be a regular explorer in and around this uniquely incredible town. Read more about Read the December 2021 Digital Edition

Read the November 2021 Digital Edition

Food! As nourishment, as a communal experience and as a celebration … when done right, food feeds more than our bodies. It can feed our love of community and our appreciation for artistry and serve as an economic engine for our agriculture and hospitality industries. For example, in this food-themed issue, we explore a bit of Minnesota’s impressive turkey farming—how much turkey do Americans actually eat and how exactly does it make its way to our dining tables? We’re “talking turkey” on page 20. Read more about Read the November 2021 Digital Edition

Read the September 2021 Digital Edition

In 1894, then President Grover Cleveland signed a law that would establish the first Monday in September as a national holiday we know as Labor Day. The U.S. Department of Labor’s website states, “The vital force of labor added materially to the highest standard of living and the greatest production the world has ever known and has brought us closer to the realization of our traditional ideals of economic and political democracy. Read more about Read the September 2021 Digital Edition

Read the August 2021 Digital Edition

Edina Magazine August 2021

As summer meanders into fall and families anticipate a more “normal” education experience for students, we take a look at how caring people helped students learn to cope over the past year; how to discover their strengths and build more robust community connections. Societal circumstances put enormous pressure on people during the pandemic and even the most well-heeled among us were not immune to the stresses that had to be endured. Read more about Read the August 2021 Digital Edition

July 2021 Digital Edition

Our annual Best of Edina issue is always a labor of love, a cumulative effort spanning months of planning, surveying and tallying in tandem with creating an especially enduring edition that celebrates the local zeitgeist. Not only is this annual issue a handy reference for discovering the businesses and service providers that you and your neighbors love most, it also includes some special editorial content that showcases some of what’s BEST in Edina. Read more about July 2021 Digital Edition


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