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July 2021 Digital Edition

Our annual Best of Edina issue is always a labor of love, a cumulative effort spanning months of planning, surveying and tallying in tandem with creating an especially enduring edition that celebrates the local zeitgeist. Not only is this annual issue a handy reference for discovering the businesses and service providers that you and your neighbors love most, it also includes some special editorial content that showcases some of what’s BEST in Edina. Read more about July 2021 Digital Edition

February 2021 Digital Edition

This month is when we typically talk about travel. For some, that’s been a sensitive subject since about this time last year, when so many had to cancel or delay travel plans. So, we set out to see how comfortable we would feel with hotel stays nearby and a little bit farther away. Last fall, I hit the road to visit my mother in Michigan. We opted to not put any family members in the awkward position of having to host us since we were outside their social bubble. Instead, we stayed in hotels while we were in town. Read more about February 2021 Digital Edition

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