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Eating the Northern European Way in Edina

Hearty food takes a bite out of teeth-chattering, January cold. Northern European fare that celebrates the season with a touch of Scandinavian flavor is an edible cure for the winter doldrums. Root vegetables have a starchy consistency that makes any dish more filling. Northern fish, sporting alpine lake and cold coastal water flavor, is the ultimate form of protein comfort food. With the added heft of these ingredients, even salads can be filling for the winter months. Read more about Eating the Northern European Way in Edina

Review: Edina’s Best Cranberry Dishes

Cranberries are considered indispensible to a traditional holiday meal; because of this, the poor fruit has been typecast. Cousin of the blueberry and huckleberry, the name “cranberry” was coined by early European settlers who thought that the plant looked like a crane. It’s also called mossberry, fenberry and bearberry, since the bears love ’em. Indigenous folks were already harvesting and eating them when the marauding Europeans arrived; natives also used the berries as medicine for wounds and clothing dye. Read more about Review: Edina’s Best Cranberry Dishes

Edina’s Happy Hour Boost

A small card on the table of Mozza Mia near 50th and France advertises a Monday special: 10 bottles of wine, each priced at only $10. In the back room, a group of artsy partyers learns brushstroke techniques at a bi-monthly event sponsored by Wine and Canvas, taking advantage of the $10 bottles.
Since Edina’s liquor ordinance was changed in May 2012, allowing restaurants to advertise discounted drink specials, businesses are finding plenty of creative ways to market themselves and their specials, including innovative new events.
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Energizing Orange Foods in Edina

It’s autumn, which means it’s time to hunker down, get cozy and eat comfort food. We find that advice depressing, especially when so much about the fall is energizing instead of sedating. Take the color orange: it’s a classic fall shade, associated with seasonal foliage, pumpkins and Halloween. Orange is also the color of spirituality (Tibetan Buddhist monks’ robes), of joy (beach sunset) and rebellion (Ukraine’s Orange Revolution)—all things that we sorely need this time of year!  Read more about Energizing Orange Foods in Edina

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