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Local Educator Leads Growing Charter School

It is not uncommon to hear students and parents alike question why they need to know something when they can just look it up. In a world of Google, knowledge has lost its appeal. But Miranda Morton understands knowledge is power. Morton is the executive director of Agamim Classical Academy in Hopkins. Agamim is a charter school in its third year and currently serves students in kindergarten through sixth grade. 

Edina's Early Learning Center Provides Education, Support

Edina Public schools (EPS) recently integrated its Early Childhood Family Education and Early Childhood Special Education departments to form the Early Learning Center (ELC). A new site, complete with a wonderful new playground, offers programming for kids ages 0–5 and for parents with its unique parent-education program.  

Edina Teacher Nominated for Award

Amazing teachers often provide incredible opportunities but don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. For example, Mrs. Kobany, who attended Edina public schools, graduated from St. Olaf College and began teaching at Southview Middle School (SVMS) in 2008, chose this career because she likes to connect with others through humor, creativity, and planning to bring learning to life.

Grant Ensures Another Year of Japanese Language Instruction in Edina

On November 1, 2013, Edina High School was presented with a $16,000 grant from the Japan Foundation to cover the cost of a Japanese language teacher for one year. For the past 20 years, Edina High School has offered Japanese classes to students, but decreased enrollment and lack of funding threatened the program’s existence. According to Susan Brott, director of communications and community engagement at Edina public schools, the new grant will ensure another year of the introductory class Japanese 1. Read more about Grant Ensures Another Year of Japanese Language Instruction in Edina

College Admission Test Prep with Professor Thomas

As high school students look forward to college, many will take the American College Test, or ACT. The ACT is a three-hour multiple-choice exam designed to measure academic achievement in five curriculum areas: English, mathematics, reading and science, Writing and reasoning. A good ACT score can be integral to college admission. To ensure good test preparation, many Edina students turn to tutors and test prep companies such as Thomas Lamosse at Junior Genius ACT Mentoring.
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