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Treasured Historical Film Gadget Survives in Edina Historical Society

Summer for many brings anticipation of summer blockbuster movies. A particular object that’s helped bring blockbusters to Edina audiences is tucked away in a cupboard at the Edina Historical Society. Its eye-catching red and black box contains a CinemaScope projector attachment lens once used at the Mann France Drive-In sometime between the theater’s opening in 1966 and its closing in 1982.

Edina’s First Rescue Vehicle: ‘The Breadwagon’

The City of Edina’s first rescue vehicle, purchased in 1953, was quickly christened “the breadwagon” because it looked “like a big bread truck that the Holsum Bread guy used to deliver bread,” recalls former fire chief Ted Paulfranz. “In fact, somebody once ran into it on the highway because the driver didn’t think it looked like a fire truck.” Read more about Edina’s First Rescue Vehicle: ‘The Breadwagon’

Minnesota Growers take Hardy to Heart

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Horace Greeley, the same New York newspaper editor who made popular the phrase “Go West, young man!” apparently felt differently about the livability of Minnesota. After an 1865 visit, he proclaimed, “I would not live in Minnesota, because you cannot grow apples there.” Local growers took what Greeley said as “fighting words.” Read more about Minnesota Growers take Hardy to Heart

Edina Garden Council Creates “City of Flowers”

In the 1950s, garden clubs sprouted up throughout Edina like tulips in the spring. Housewives moving to the booming suburb looked for ways to grow flowers in their new backyards and form friendships with their new neighbors. They found both in neighborhood garden clubs.
In 1953, the separate clubs joined to form the Edina-Morningside Garden Council. The originating 10 clubs worked together on garden tours and flower shows. They transformed the city by planting flower gardens in public spaces, and the city’s official 1950s maps touted Edina as the “City of Flowers.” Read more about Edina Garden Council Creates “City of Flowers”

Edina’s Westgate Theater Housed Morningside’s Little Library

A public library inside a movie theater seems an unlikely partnership, but Morningside residents found both types of entertainment at the Westgate Theater on Sunnyside Avenue from 1937 to 1973.
Instead of hushed tones and silent reading, owner Carl Fust originally envisioned the library space as a club and bridge room filled with the kind of lively parties that he and his wife liked to host. He offered the room for rental with full catering service.
    Read more about Edina’s Westgate Theater Housed Morningside’s Little Library

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