Edina home tips

Brick by Brick

painted brick on exterior of house

A fair amount of homeowners have given their interiors a glow-up, a redo, a transformation—call it what you will. But all that effort begs the question—now what?

Head outside, take a few steps back, and give a long, hard look at the home’s exterior. Even brick facades and fireplace chimneys can get in line for a makeover. Before you pop the paint can or hire a painting crew, Jon Nelson, store manager of Hirshfield’s in Wayzata, provides some valuable insight into painting brick. Read more about Brick by Brick

Make an Entrance

entry hall

While often overlooked, the entryway is the place that welcomes people, and in some cases, might be the only place visitors see. So, it’s important to use design features that help organize and brighten the space in order to make the best first impression. Consider incoporporating these design tips: Read more about Make an Entrance

Edina Experts Offer Horticulture How-to’s

Don’t know the difference between a perennial and an annual? Wondering whether you should use organic soil or a synthetic blend? Wait—you at least know we’re talking about gardening, right? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a horticulture newbie, with the help of Bachman’s, we’re bringing you seven must-have products and trends for the spring and summer growing season. Read more about Edina Experts Offer Horticulture How-to’s

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