Edina sculptures


Pinecone sculpture by Marcia McEachron

The pinecone is an iconic symbol of Minnesota: These woody, seed-filled cones are where our Northwoods come from. Marcia McEachron’s stainless steel sculpture Pinecone, located in the center of a maze at Centennial Lakes Park, stands 10 feet tall like one of those towering trees it might someday become. As you navigate the paths around this sculpture or view it from across the lake, sparkling in the sun in its idyllic setting, Pinecone represents the environmental beauty of our state, as well as the continuity of nature. Read more about Pinecone

Citizen of Edina

Nick Legeros standing by one of his bronze sculpture

Nick Legeros is an Edina sculptor whose work sets a high standard for public art in our community. He has created several bronze sculptures acquired by the Edina Community Foundation for Centennial Lakes Park—Reflecting on Friendship, Dreaming of Flight and The Glamorous Days of Flight. The latter two are a tribute to the women and men of Northwest Airlines, many of whom lived in Edina. Read more about Citizen of Edina

Edina's Popular Public Art at Grandview Square Park

The steel horse awaits you. Kristen Piersa Kregel’s Number Seven, a life-size steel horse made from real horseshoes, won first place in the 2013 People’s Choice Awards of the Edina Public Art Sculpture Exhibit. Kregel’s sculpture will be on display until May at Grandview Square Park across from the Edina Senior Center, although the artist has the option to extend the display for another year. Read more about Edina's Popular Public Art at Grandview Square Park

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