Doubling Down on Strength Training

Welcyon, a fitness program franchise for the 50-plus crowd, claims it can help baby boomers double their strength in a year. The claim is backed by a recent study, says former Welcyon CEO Suzy Boerboom (the current CEO is Tom Boerboom) involving approximately 77,000 Welcyon workouts over a two-year period. After three months, Welcyon members’ strength increased 56 percent, and the average Welcyon member doubled their strength in one year.


Edina Entrepreneurs Create a One-stop Shop Fitness Studio

A brand-new fitness studio called Physical Culture (v) opened in Edina over the summer. The (v) is to remind visitors that co-founders, Joy Himley and Angie Bartness, want their studio’s name read as a verb rather than a noun—as in more an action than a place, a culture of doing, of being and of movement. But the differentiation goes beyond the name. Himley and Bartness seek to transform the local fitness landscape by offering many of the top-trending fitness classes all in one place.


YogaFit Founder Beth Shaw Talks about Her New Book

Yoga instructor Beth Shaw was on a bike ride in southern California when she had the idea to create YogaFit, a studio with traditional warm-up and cool-down workouts, which offers “real yoga for real people,” she says. She had clients looking for a health club that could work for them and be more accessible, so YogaFit was born. YogaFit now has studios across the country, including a location on France Avenue in Edina.

Fitness Bootcamps Help Develop Strong Friendships

The words “boot camp” evoke images of military camouflage and a red-faced sergeant yelling at his soldiers. But Edina residents can participate in boot camps of another kind: outdoor fitness groups that encourage relationships. At a boot camp fitness class, clients can exercise together, encourage each other and socialize.

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