Homemade Halloween

Rosie costume

From Mary Poppins to Rosie the Riveter, Elizabeth Kriel has designed, thrifted and found DIY Halloween costumes for her daughter Lilly for over five years now, all without touching a sewing machine. “I don’t have any ability to sew, still don’t,” Kriel says with a laugh. “None of the costumes are a bought pattern.” Read more about Homemade Halloween


Add Napkins for Perfect Party Prep

Planning a fall party? Don’t forget the seasonal napkins. It’s that little something extra that makes all the difference at a celebration or event. Inexpensive but also useful, napkins are the all-too-overlooked darlings of the table-setting world. Napkins dress up a table with practical charm. Any fall table looks more festive with nicely folded napkins color-coordinated to blend with other elements. The changing season brings a more earthy color palette, with shades of red, papaya, persimmon, plum and beet. The references to food bring to mind the harvest and celebrations. Read more about Add Napkins for Perfect Party Prep


Family Friendly Entertainment for a Not-so-scary Halloween

As Halloween approaches, so does the annual Edinborough Park Halloween party. This is a great opportunity for kids and families in costume to play in the park and participate in games, crafts, and, of course, eat candy.

“It’s focused on family time spent together in the park,” says Dawn Beitel, assistant manager of Edinborough Park and Aquatic Center. “We call it the not-so-scary version of Halloween.” Read more about Family Friendly Entertainment for a Not-so-scary Halloween

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