Teacher Appreciation

Chalkboard Candle Co. coconut wax candles and melts

After burning hundreds of candles in her own home, veteran teacher Kari Miller-Palmborg decided to combine her desire to create natural, pure scented candles with her passion for bringing awareness to the work that teachers do for future generations. Using memories as a former student and teacher as the source of her inspiration, Chalkboard Candle Co. is home to 14 school-themed coconut wax candles and melts. Read more about Teacher Appreciation

Creating a Lasting Impact

Edina’s Highlands Elementary School said farewell to three influential educators who retired this spring. Judy Scanlon, Katie Oberle and Michael Seaman have shared their passions in the classroom, ranging from helping reduce world hunger to creativity and design to work-flow efficiency.

Seaman, who was Highlands’ Continuous Progress Program educator for 23 years, is an Edina Chamber of Commerce teacher of the year, and for good reason. Read more about Creating a Lasting Impact

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