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Travel Log: Family Gatherings

The Clarkowski, Svenningsen, Kalgreen and Hamilton families, all from Edina, have a blast in the British Virgin Islands.

Cake by the Ocean

The Deutsch, O’Brien, Middleton and Eckroth families hang out in Playa del Carmen at the Playacar Palace Resort. Tim Deutsch calls this one “Cake by the Ocean” as they are all from Edina. We like his sense of humor.

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Travel Log: Puerto Rico

Edina Magazine art director Lauren Greenberg likely didn’t long for the office while on a tropical vacation, but at least she didn’t leave us completely behind!

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February Travel Logs

Edina Goes Down Under (pictured above)
Paul, Peter, Doug and Kathleen Seim in Australia in August 2015 at the Sydney Harbor across from the famous Sydney Opera House.

Farther North
Susie Burke and Mike Buttry, along with Julia and Madeline Buttry, enjoy a get-away in Ketchikan, Alaska.

A Trip to the Park
Ella Haraldson in Yellowstone National Park. Read more about February Travel Logs


August 2015 Travel logs


Ciao, Edina

Tyler and Kyle Christopherson brought along a bit of home while enjoying a long-awaited trip to Venice, Italy.


An Historic Vacation

Long time Edina residents Dorothy
McIntyre and Sylvia Logerquist cruised through the Mediterranean to
Naples and toured the city of Pompeii, which was buried by Mt. Vesuvius
in 79 A.D.

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