Volunteer Spotlight: Dedicated Edina dad wins Connecting with Kids award

Volunteer spotlight Daniel Hunt

Daniel Hunt is one of those people in our community who do charitable work yet are too modest to talk about it. When he got a phone call that he’d received a Connecting with Kids Leadership award, he says he was humbled.

“I’m not interested in people saying to me, ‘Hey, you did a great job.’ It was an opportunity to talk about some of the things I do and why I do them,” Hunt says.

Local Volunteer Recognized for Work

Last year, Patty Dronen started thinking about the upcoming Edina High School senior party. Ordinarily, this Edina mom focuses her attention on sports; she has been the administrator of the Edina Baseball Association and is currently an administrator for the Edina Basketball Association. But when nobody filled a leadership position on the senior party board, Dronen volunteered as lead decorations chair.
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