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Try Korean "Seoul Food"

With the 2018 Winter Olympics opening in Pyeongchang, it’s only fitting to expand our local food horizons to include Korean flavors. Edina has no restaurant solely dedicated to Korean cuisine but fusions abound. Take kimchi, a fermented cabbage powerhouse enlivening everything from tacos to squid to pizza and more.

Home Decor With Heart

Sometimes your favorite home décor items are those made especially for you. Things with a terrific backstory can provide the most lasting interest and joy. That’s what Emily and Dan Kobes, owners of Crafty Wilhelmina, hope to offer their customers—beautifully designed home décor signs meaningful to those who purchase them.

Edina Filmmaker Finds National Success

“At my core I am a storyteller,” says writer, producer and director Maribeth Romslo. This storyteller and Edina resident has created an impressive body of work. Her feature film Dragonfly was released in the spring of 2016 and has been well received at film festivals around the country. It follows several short feature films, including the sci-fi short The Light at the Laundromat and a feature-length documentary called Our Journey Home, both in 2015.
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