Sacred Space

Students at CorePower Yoga in Edina line up to take classes with Lindsey Ronning and Kyle Wilman. Both teachers are popular and experienced. Students stop to say hello as the two chat in the sunny lobby of the studio in Centennial Lakes Plaza on a Saturday morning. The community spirit in the studio is clear. Read more about Sacred Space


Summer Zen

Summer is a good time to recharge and reconnect with yourself. At Blooma, a yoga and wellness studio in neighboring southwest Minneapolis dedicated to nurturing the minds, bodies and spirits of women, your perfect summer Zen might be right around the corner—literally. Owner Sarah Longacre Ehlers explains Blooma was “born and raised in Edina” right on 44th and France, but in 2012, they outgrew their space and moved a couple of miles away. Read more about Summer Zen


Keep Warm This Winter with Hot Yoga

Escape the frigid winter temps and warm up at a hot yoga class. Traditional yoga performed at average room temperatures has been touted as enhancing flexibility, balance and strength. However, proponents of hot yoga note the added benefits of detoxification through sweat.

During a hot yoga class, an instructor will guide you through a variety of postures and breathing exercises promoting relaxation and focus. Nevertheless, studios can get as hot as 105 degrees, so while it’s safe to leave your worries at home, don’t forget to bring water and a towel. Read more about Keep Warm This Winter with Hot Yoga


YogaFit Founder Beth Shaw Talks about Her New Book

Yoga instructor Beth Shaw was on a bike ride in southern California when she had the idea to create YogaFit, a studio with traditional warm-up and cool-down workouts, which offers “real yoga for real people,” she says. She had clients looking for a health club that could work for them and be more accessible, so YogaFit was born. YogaFit now has studios across the country, including a location on France Avenue in Edina. Read more about YogaFit Founder Beth Shaw Talks about Her New Book

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