Twisted Tonic: Scott Dillon and K.C. Danzansky’s Cocktail Mixers

Scott Dillon creates scrumptious cocktail mixers.

Scott Dillon embarked on his cocktail-making journey after attending a craft cocktail class, along with his wife K.C. Danzansky, hosted by bartender extraordinaire Missy Kissling. Little did he know that Kissling’s five-word announcement, “Today’s cocktail theme is shrubs!” would launch him into his next endeavor.

Not the plants you find in the yard. Shrubs—derived from the Arabic word sharab, meaning “to drink”—are deliciously tart, vinegar-based syrups that can be used as mixers for soda or liquor. After the class, Danzansky and Dillon hit the farmers market in search of ingredients to make their own shrubs. Dillon selected the best flavor combinations and named the delicious elixirs The Twisted Shrubs.

All The Twisted Shrubs are made from scratch, with apple cider vinegar, fresh produce and 100 percent cane sugar. They require no muddling or infusing, so creating your own unique drinks is a snap. So far, the standout Twisted Shrub flavors are peach habanero and strawberry lime.

Try a sweet and spicy frisky sour. To prepare, combine peach habanero shrub, bourbon and egg white in a shaker with ice. Shake and drain over cubes. Teetotalers can try the non-alcoholic strawberry lime soda Exploda, made with one part strawberry lime shrub to three parts soda water. The result is a sparkly, refreshing drink.

Impress your guests by mixing up interesting, flavorful craft cocktails using The Twisted Shrubs. Flavors are seasonal, so stay on the lookout for what’s new from Twisted Shrub. Only available online, learn more at the website.