Valentine’s Day Sweets at Cocoa & Fig

Cocoa & Fig builds a nest in Edina.
Macarons from Cocoa & Fig.

Minneapolitans with a sweet tooth who love Cocoa & Fig’s chocolates, cakes and bars can now visit the store’s Edina location on York Avenue and avoid battling downtown traffic and navigating the skyway to the original location on the Nicollet Mall. The Edina location, which opened in mid-October, is twice the size of Cocoa & Fig’s downtown outlet and offers in-store seating, so you can nibble on delicious morsels while placing your order.
Co-owners Laurie Pyle and Joe Lin have noticed that customers want more whole desserts, such as three-layer cakes and pies. Cocoa & Fig has also expanded its selection to include retro desserts such as cakes and bars that will transport you back to your childhood. For Valentine’s Day, pick up a four-cupcake gift box adorned in a red ribbon for $12, or purchase a selection of macaroons or chocolate-dipped strawberries.