Wisconsin Painter Selected as Edina Art Fair’s Featured Artist

Pete Sandker's Half Healed, the featured watercolor painting at this year's Edina Art Fair, depicts a fox made of flowers.
Local La Crosse artist is the face of the 2019 Edina Art Fair.

By: Hailey Almsted

In June, the Edina Art Fair will once again commence along the streets of 50th and France, showcasing the work of 280 local artists complete with gourmet food, craft beer gardens and more. Like many other years, the fair has chosen a brilliant artist to feature, and this year Pete Sandker of La Crosse, Wis. has been chosen. His piece, Half Healed, a delicate watercolor painting, is featured on all promotional materials for the fair, including posters, advertising, t-shirts, a new tote bag and reusable water bottles.

Half Healed features a dainty fox painted out of wild yellow, orange and pink flowers. The piece was inspired by a field of Echinacea and Black-eyed Susans. Sandker was the top scoring artist from the jury process and the events committee chose his piece, according to Rachel Thelemann, executive director of the 50th and France Business Association. “We all really gravitated towards his animal image,” she says. “It was really sweet and tender.”

Sandker’s work often features concise patterns instead of typical layering; moreover, he often takes inspiration from nature, which can be seen from his large portfolio of pieces. “I aim to have my paintings invoke a sense of wonder associated with the natural world,” says Sandker. “Along with an obsessive attention to detail.”

Aside from the Edina Art Fair, Sandker works at a landscaping company. His pieces are often featured in art shows and publications. View Sandker’s piece, plus hundreds of other pieces at the Edina Art Fair on May 31-June 2, 2019 at 50th and France.