By Women, for Everyone

Discover the League of Women Voters of Edina.

Springing directly out of the women’s suffrage movement, the League of Women Voters of Edina, founded in 1920 during the National American Women Suffrage Association Convention, has certainly stood the test of time. Interestingly, men are now invited to join and participate in issues-oriented discussions. Current president of the Edina chapter Lonni Skrentner joined due to her long-time interest in government. “I’m kind of a political animal,” says the retired social studies teacher. The daughter of a LWV member in one of her classes in the early 2000s was how Skrentner initially made a connection. She became part of the board in 2007.

“The core mission of the league is informed citizenry and open, fair elections,” says Skrentner. There are 85 members in the Edina branch, a lower number than in past years due to more women in the workforce and busy schedules. Still, Skrentner is pleased with the chapter’s size based on its impact in the community and its educational monthly meetings, including candidate forums and citizenship ceremonies. In fact, the LWV of Edina hopes to encourage new citizens to register to vote by handing out voter registration cards after they’ve passed their citizenship test.

The League of Women Voters of Edina meets the second Thursday and Saturday of each month September through May. You can join, donate and learn about their causes at the website here.