Zina’s is now Shoppe 5101

New owners renovate and rename local beauty salon.

When Zina Shirl was ready to spend more time with her family, she decided to sell her business, Zina’s Salon, to two hairdressers who’ve dreamed of owning it. Under Shirl’s mentorship, Brenda Wodnick and Mary Kriva have taken the reins and renamed the full-service salon Shoppe 5101 Salon and Spa.

Since the turnover in March, Wodnick and Kriva have renovated the interior with the help of local artists. The new industrial chic and antique Minnesota barn wood will appeal to the salon’s hip clientele. With the help of their stylists, Wodnick and Kriva selected top-of-the-line hair care products including Edina-based brand Onesta.

Wodnick and Kriva hope to leverage their new platform to educate the public about superior hair and facial care. Two quick tips: “Not using too much product,” Wodnick says and “Everyone loves dry shampoo.” when you can’t wash your hair, says Kriva.