This Amazing Shot Shows the Calm After the Storm

by | Apr 2019

A pink sky after a storm hangs over the Fairview Southdale Hospital.

Photo: Lisa Asp

Award winning photographer shares the secrets behind this beautiful image.

April showers bring May flowers. But this particular storm brought a sky blooming with colorful cloud cover! The photo taken by local photographer Lisa Asp was actually shot in September of 2017 and submitted to our Images of Edina photo contest last year where it won first place in our “business” category. Asp says this was not a planned photo shoot. “I was out for a walk with my dog and saw this beautiful sky developing after the rain stopped,” she says. “I decided to grab my camera and head back down to that area for a photo.”

Asp clicked this award winning photo with her Canon 5D Mark III. And in this day of heavily edited social media photos, Asp says, “the sky was actually like that! It was amazing. Our eye sees more detail in the highlights and shadows than one image can typically capture, so multiple exposures were made and sandwiched together afterwards for an HDR image to enhance the highlights and shadows in the image. But wow—it was an amazing sky!” (Full disclosure, Asp says she did remove some of the streetlights and other distracting elements so the building and sky would really stand on their own.)

Asp loves the pastel, painterly look of the sky and the soft light that wraps around the hospital. “It shows off the new addition to the hospital’s emergency room. What can be a hectic and scary place is so soft and serene with this look from Mother Nature.”


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