Be Mindful Together

by | Feb 2024

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When you first think of meditation, you probably think of it as a solo endeavor. Perhaps, images of sitting quietly in the solitude in your home, carving out that time just for you come to mind. But have you ever considered meditating with your partner?

Mindfulness is a great way to turn your gaze inward, reflect and slow down. Plus, it has been shown to increase empathy, compassion and connection to those around you. When you meditate together, you are not only connecting to yourself, but you’re increasing your capacity to connect with one another and open your hearts to your relationship.

One of the easiest ways to do a meditation practice with your partner is to listen to a guided meditation together, and end your meditation practice by saying something you appreciate about each other.

You could also try sitting close together and gazing into one another’s eyes. Look past the eye itself and directly into your partner’s soul. Consider taking a few minutes to breathe quietly together as you reflect internally on things you appreciate about your partner.

If you’re up for something new, give partner meditation a try for a fun, free activity to foster closeness and calm with your loved one.

Kelly Smith is the founder of Yoga For You, author of Meditation for the Modern Family and You Are Not Your Thoughts, and hosts the podcast Mindful in Minutes.


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