Being Mindful

Memory care experts can provide helpful advice.

One of the most frightening moments of our lives is watching someone forget. Not their keys or where they parked their car, but parts of their life. Fortunately, there are several facilities in Edina to assist when this happens.

“Nothing is better than encouraging someone to get help,” says Marysue Moses, demensions program coordinator for Ebenezer.

While people associate dementia with memory loss, it’s not the only symptom. Alzheimer’s is part of the spectrum,, as well as other forms of memory loss. One of the best steps one can take is not isolating themselves, says Moses.

“When diagnosed, people treat dementia like a death sentence,” she says. “They sort of shut down when they need to talk about it.”

Partaking in hobbies, socializing and especially exercising are forms of treatment. They aren’t a cure, per se, but can help the mind relax and give it routine, according to Moses. Calling a professional is also a good idea, especially in the early stages. As for when families need to step in to help, Moses has a suggestion of when it’s most appropriate.

“If you forget you forgot, that’s bad,” she says. “It’s critical for families to be on the lookout and encourage their loved ones to get help.”

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