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IV Vitamin Therapy Supports Physical, Mental & Cellular Wellness

At The DRIPBaR, we believe that health and wellness starts at the cellular level. Healthy living is so much more than just a self-care routine – it’s a lifestyle. We are focused on helping people embrace healthier and happier lives using intravenous vitamin therapies.

IV vitamin therapy can ensure the cells obtain nearly 100% of the nutrients that are provided versus only about 30% of nutrients that might be absorbed through oral supplementation. IV vitamin therapy provides a much faster boost of energy, a more robust immune response, easier recovery from stresses on the body, and a slowing down of the aging process.

IV drips are becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the numerous benefits they offer. First and foremost, IV drips are designed for every kind of lifestyle. From active athletes to people struggling with chronic illness or cancers – and everyone in between – The DRIPBaR offers something for just about everyone.   

The DRIPBaR practices the highest standards of safety.  All vitamin compounding is done onsite and in a sterile environment and are administered by Registered Nurses under our Medical Director.

Tuesday-Friday 10-6pm
Sat 10-4pm
Sun 11-3pm

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Instagram: @thedripbaredina

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