Dry Dock Repair

by | Jun 2023

Dry Dock Repair

Photo: Vicki Hurwitz

Edina resident captures a man focusing on his sailboat.

On a sunny walk in September 2021, Edina resident Vicki Hurwitz noticed a man sitting alone and working on a sailboat at Centennial Lakes Park. The scene’s symmetry, textures and angles caught her eye, especially the sails that contrasted with his shirt’s folds. “Though his back was facing me, one could sense his concentration on the sailboat as he worked,” she says.

Hurwitz thought the moment made an interesting photo—and the longer she looked at it, the more she adored what she captured. Now, Centennial Lakes Park has grown into Hurwitz’s favorite location to take photos. “Whatever catches my eye soon becomes a photograph,” she says. As a hobbyist photographer, Hurtwitz enjoys snapping photos as much as editing them.

Photographer: Vicki Hurwitz
Title: Dry Dock Repair
Equipment used: iPhone 14 Pro
Winner: People & Best in Show


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