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by | Feb 2020

A salad delivered by Green Envy

Photos: Tate Carlson

Teena Matson’s meal delivery service offers a variety of salads as well as a personal chef service catering to allergies and specific diets.

Finding the time to shop and cook healthy meals on a regular basis can be a struggle for busy people. So, Teena Matson of Edina decided to start a business that could be a solution. She created a meal delivery service called Green Envy that just launched in May 2019. It offers a variety of salads as well as a personal chef service catering to allergies and specific diets.

“Green Envy bridges the gap and delivers customized, healthy, culinary creations right to your doorstep or office,” Matson says.

Through the years, cooking has been a consistent way for Matson to relieve stress and reconnect with herself while raising a family and working full-time jobs.

Teena Matson

Matson’s path to opening Green Envy started with her growing desire to share her cooking with others. She published her own cookbook entitled 2018 Holiday Fare: It’s all about Gratitude. She also began hosting dinner parties for friends and family that she calls “the philosophers table,” where everyone eats a home-cooked meal and answers questions they find underneath their dinner plate. From there, Matson started a lifestyle Facebook group called Green Envy, a place for members to share healthy recipes.

The popularity of the Facebook page grew and Matson decided to turn it into a catering and salad site that allowed any of the members to place orders for Matson’s homemade food.

“I wanted to create a platform for the future where I can share the idea that every individual should have access to the tools needed to live a positive, healthy life. We source from our trusted network of farmers markets and grocers who are just as committed to sustainable practices as we are,” Matson says.

Matson also offers options for those looking to host an event or party so the last thing they need to worry about is having great food to impress their guests. Some of the popular catering choices are the Farmers Market Salad and Small Crudites Platter. The Artisan Cheese Platter is also a favorite, which includes seasonal cheese, crackers, bread and fruit.

“While I love salad, my favorite thing in the world a good charcuterie board with a glass of cabernet,” Matson says.

Green Envy
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