Edina Early Learning School "Casa de Corazon" Expands

"Casa de Corazon" will open a second Edina location this spring.
Groundbreaking at the original Casa de Corazon location near 50th and France

Education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. They’ll spend most of their first 18 years learning. So, a parent’s choice of educator is important.

Natalie Standridge, creator of Casa de Corazón, says, “I wanted a program that was environmentally conscious, healthy and culturally relevant. I had the qualifications, so I just went for it.”

Standridge’s Casa de Corazón is an early learning school, preparing children for kindergarten in a unique way. Not only is everything environmentally friendly, the little ones are taught Spanish and encouraged to be curious and playful.

With one location already established near 50th and France, a second Edina location is set to open in the Parklawn neighborhood this spring.

“Demand was really high there, and the reception has been great,” says Standridge. “There’s often a familial-like connection with the parents and staff, and it’s amazing.”