Edina Student Author Writes Book of Math Tips

Edina High School senior Anand Mittal, author of "Conquer Mathematics."

Whether it was those first formulas or proofing in calculus class, most everyone has struggled with math. Challenges mount when testing season comes around and all those tirelessly memorized formulas seem to vanish after a night of cramming.

Thankfully, an Edina High School senior has compiled some study tips to help students overcome common math challenges.

“Math was always a subject I enjoyed,” says Anand Mittal, author of Conquer Mathematics. “It’s something you have to work at.”

While working at New Hope Academy, Mittal noticed students he and others tutored would get much higher math scores when using the tips the tutors provided. And so, the concept of Conquer Mathematics was born.

If the ACT or SAT is looming, or you know someone who really needs to pass their math final, this little book might just be the lifesaver they need.

Purchase "Conquer Mathematics" by Anand Mittal at Barnes & Noble online here, or Amazon.com here.