Edina Teens Create "Out Run Cancer" Fundraising Event

Rather than a race, this "run around the lake" encourages donations to organizations such as the Angel Foundation.
Chloe Swanson and Maggie Randall encourage action and compassion.

While many of us can’t remember doing anything much more significant than getting a driver’s permit at age 15, two Edina teens are focused on saving lives. They are running to stop cancer.

“I started as an innocent fifth grader, and heard about how bad cancer was,” says Chloe Swanson, creator of Out Run Cancer. “I just decided I needed to do something.”

It’s not a race, she says, but more of a run around the lake. People who come are encouraged to donate to organizations, like the Angel Foundation, in order to help those with cancer. However, Chloe doesn’t work alone.

“I met Chloe in sixth grade, and I knew about the Angel Foundation,” says Maggie Randall, co-coordinator of Out Run Cancer. “We got to talking, and when I found out she did this, I told her about [Angel Foundation].”

All proceeds from Out Run Cancer events now benefit the Angel Foundation to provide aid for cancer patients as well as their families. There’s financial aid for medical bills and basic life expenses, as well as for family activities ranging from camps for the kids to counseling patients.

“I just decided I needed to do something.”-Chloe Swanson

“It’s scary, but unless you’re really wealthy or have excellent insurance, going to the doctor for treatment is very costly,” says Megan Gooselaw, philanthropy manager of Angel Foundation. “You’re literally faced with going to the doctor or buying food at times.”

The teens are now collaborating with Gooselaw to get the next Out Run Cancer event going. Last year, their event raised nearly $1,400 with around 20 participants. The girls hope to inspire more participants and donations this year.

Chloe says, “the goal is to keep raising more money and awareness so more people can tell each other about it.”