EHS Senior Matt Lindberg Named "Metro Soccer Player of the Year"

Lindberg is the first Edina player to receive the Star Tribune award.

No one can deny the fun of sports or our fascination with competition. Matt Lindberg of Edina can attest to this. “My mom basically made me play every sport imaginable,” Matt says. “Soccer just sort of stuck with me.”

Now a senior about to graduate high school, Matt has already had quite a few accomplishments as a soccer player. He won the Star Tribune’s Metro Soccer Player of the Year—the first athlete from Edina to receive the honor. Surprisingly, he had no idea he was even considered a possibility.

“It was a huge surprise,” he says. “My dad told me I’d won something and I asked, ‘What did I win?’ he told me and I went, ‘Oh, what?!’”

Even though he’s about to graduate, Matt already has plans to continue playing soccer in college. He’s already a part of Drake University’s soccer team and plans to keep active with a whole slew of other activities while there.

“I can’t wait. I’m so glad it’s senior year so I can start out sooner,” he says.

Of course, he won’t simply be playing soccer while at Drake. Matt plans to study business and law, but says nothing is set in stone quite yet. He wants to see what his options are.

When Matt is off the field and out of school, he’s usually with his friends playing even more sports, including basketball and football (another favorite since his father played it).

“I’m just excited to continue playing soccer. I just want to give a ton of credit to my teammates. They really helped me get where I’m at,” says Matt.