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February 2021 Edina Magazine

This month is when we typically talk about travel. For some, that’s been a sensitive subject since about this time last year, when so many had to cancel or delay travel plans. So, we set out to see how comfortable we would feel with hotel stays nearby and a little bit farther away. Last fall, I hit the road to visit my mother in Michigan. We opted to not put any family members in the awkward position of having to host us since we were outside their social bubble. Instead, we stayed in hotels while we were in town. Meanwhile, another Tiger Oak editor packed up for some “me time” at a boutique hotel not far from home. We both enjoyed our time away and share our experiences along with tips for added infection protection while traveling. Check it out on page 14.

Another great get away that doesn’t require going far is ice fishing! If you have yet to try this uniquely Northern activity, this might be the year to give it a go. We talked with Jenny Anderson, founder of the Girl of 10,000 Lakes travel website, about how she got started ice fishing and how it’s become a great experience for her little family. Yes, she takes her toddler along! Hear from Anderson as well as the DNR about how to properly gear up and stay warm for your upcoming adventure on a frozen lake. The feature story is on page 20.

And for those who prefer to entertain themselves in the comfort of their own home, we’ve got some really fun DIY craft ideas for you to try. Local retailers have all the necessary items for you to gain some new skills and create some cool stuff. Be sure to show us your finished crafts by tagging us in your social media photos #edinamag or sending us your pics via email. Here’s to getting creative and having fun this winter!

Angela Johnson
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