For February Fashion, You Can’t Go Wrong with Plaid

by | Feb 2019

Personal stylist and Prink Style founder Wendy Witherspoon poses in plaid.

Photo: Alli Jagoda

Some things never go out of style and plaid is one of them.

Did your mother ever tell you that if you hang on to things long enough they’d come back in style? Mine did and was she ever right about that and so much else. Some things never go out of style and plaid is one of them. It’s timeless, classic and pretty much the perfect print. If you caught a glimpse of any fashion week coverage from around the globe you probably noticed that the entire world is going mad for plaid!  Just check out the iconic American designer Ralph Lauren who has reinvented plaid in fun, modern ways for the past 50+ years. Plaid is one of the few patterns, besides its friend stripes, that speaks to both men and women. Your favorite plaid shirt is like a go-to comfort food. It’s cozy, warm and full of fond memories. Reinvent plaid by adding texture by layering with leather or fur and don’t be afraid to mix with other patterns. Favorite local shops for plaid are J.Crew, Banana Republic and Evereve.

Wendy Witherspoon is a personal stylist and founder of Prink Style


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