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by | Jan 2022

Kitchen Remodel by Haus of Rowe Helps Family Stay in their Edina Home

Kitchen Remodel by Haus of Rowe Helps Family Stay in their Edina Home

Kitchen Remodel by Haus of Rowe Helps Family Stay in their Edina Home

As homes continue aging and the market for new homes continues to be tricky, homeowners look toward remodeling. Interior designers and co-founders of Haus of Rowe Kate Adamcsek and Marcelle Timonen say they’re busier than ever due to the rising popularity of remodeling.

For one Edina family, the busy market meant keeping their home and updating a few of the beloved spaces through Haus of Rowe and Destiny Homes.

Although the project started with the kitchen, the mudroom and powder room were also redesigned, creating new and beautiful space for the family. “Both parents work from home,” Adamcsek says. “They use those spaces a lot.”

Not only were the updates great for the family, but it was also a fun project for the Haus of Rowe team. “The family is actually a friend of [Adamcsek’s],” Timonen says. “So that was fun for her.”

Many of the materials used in the remodel are child friendly: Crypton fabrics were used to help prevent stains and messes, the acrylic counter stools allow for easy cleanup and the new dining table is made with the same quartz top as the counters, which is easy to wipe down after a meal. “The table was really fun,” Timonen says. “We designed it and then went through a custom table-maker to get it built.”

The perimeter cabinets in the kitchen weren’t replaced but instead were touched up with fresh paint, which brightened up the space. More renovations included replacing the oven hood and bringing in a flat island countertop (the previous one was two-tiered). The family, known to enjoy a bottle of wine from time-to-time, added a wine drawer in the kitchen, so there’s no need to go to the basement to grab a bottle. “A lot of thought and detail went into how they live their lives,” Adamcsek says.

In addition to the kitchen updates, mudroom storage was added to give the kids a spot to store their jackets and shoes. The powder room received new wallpaper and light fixtures to help brighten everything up. “The wallpaper really makes a small space shine,” Timonen says.

Bigger changes were created in the backyard, where the family decided to add an in-ground pool. “They’re spending more time at home,” Timonen says. “They decided to invest in a pool to create an outdoor sanctuary for their family to enjoy.”

As with just about everything, COVID-19 had some impact on the project, but both Adamcsek and Timonen urge people who are considering remodeling to not let the fear of COVID-related issues stop them. Although the unknown may happen, as long as people plan ahead for delays and budget increases (due to cost of materials), remodels are still possible.

“Make selections and decisions as quickly as possible,” Timonen says. “The sooner a decision is made, the less waiting there is, and that makes the whole process easier.”

Haus of Rowe considers a homeowner’s wants and needs when creating a design for the home. Once the design is finalized, the team will recommend a builder for the project, or the homeowners can hire their own builder.

“When someone starts talking to a designer, they’re more apt to stay instead of moving,” Timonen says. “There’s just something about the history of the home and staying there.”

Haus of Rowe

Haus of Rowe started in 2020 after Adamcsek and Timonen were both laid off from their jobs. They decided to combine their interior design talents and create their own company. Although terrifying in the beginning, the business took off and the team had multiple projects lined up. “Everyone decided to remodel because they were at home all the time,” Adamcsek says. “It ended up being the perfect timing and the biggest blessing.”


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