Hagen and Oats

by | Dec 2021

Anna Hagen and her sister Nikki Hollerich

Anna Hagen and her sister Nikki Hollerich. Photos: Hagen and Oats

Sister duo turns creativity into a full-fledged business.

Anna Hagen and her sister Nikki Hollerich have always been crafty. With a creative streak like theirs, it’s no wonder that when the sisters encountered a band saw for the first time, they became enthralled.

Now, the sisters run their own custom wood décor shop, Hagen and Oats, and sell their wares in a number of makers markets and shops around the Twin Cities, including at Six For Good in Edina.

Part of their success, Hagen believes, is thanks to the Minnesotan ethos of supporting local businesses as well as local businesses supporting each other. “As far as the creative process goes, we have our classic pieces like the cribbage board or the beer opener, but it really just evolves with the customer,” Hagen says. Also, happy accidents supply the creative spark that catches light. “The Northern Lights just kind of happened,” Hagen says in reference to a technique the company uses to create glittering night skies out of wood stain and paint. “Before the Edina Art Fair, we had spilled some stain, and were like, ‘Oh this is cool, let’s cover it up and make it stars.’”

Wood Elephant Sign

Hagen and Oats also specializes in custom projects, which can often strike a sentimental tone. From creating memorabilia out of a family’s old kitchen table to memorializing a grandmother by capturing her hand-written grocery list in wood, Hagen says it’s pieces like these that she tends to love best.

Hagen and Oats, Available at Six For Good at 50th and France, 3931 Market St. hagenandoats.com, sixforgood.com


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