Higher Education and the Information Age

by | Aug 2022

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Zero Cost Educational Resources

A requisite for graduation in my master’s degree program last year was to present on a “current issue in higher education.” I chose to highlight the importance of integrating free educational resources into university curriculums to relieve student stress caused by outdated teaching methods. The following is an excerpt from my capstone:

The birth of the Internet ushered in a new era of technology; and with it came the exponential growth of efficient information delivery. Fast forward a few decades and we now have unlimited access to every type of educational resource imaginable. What is most remarkable is that many of these resources can be accessed at zero-cost to the consumer.

Wikipedia and Google searches aside, virtual libraries chock-full of textbooks, audiobooks, encyclopedias and scholarly articles are available to anybody with an Internet connection. And, like it or hate it, YouTube is arguably the most influential educator of modern time. Where else can one learn to bake a cake, build a bomb shelter, fix the car and watch their favorite episode of The Golden Girls all on a Friday afternoon? Jokes aside, YouTube provides limitless opportunities to explore every subject imaginable, completely free of charge.

Years ago it was imperative for students to invest their energies into reading college textbooks, writing notes and attending long, drawn-out lectures. Today, students can access resources online that deliver the same content in a more efficient, captivating and cost-effective manner; a student enrolled at a community college in Arkansas can attend free courses taught by Ivy League professors or Ph.Ds all over the world.

The Internet isn’t always a great place, but it’s a wonderful tool when used properly. Could it be that it’s helping to heal what’s broken in higher education?

Contributed by Timothy Borowski, M.S., a natural healthcare professional who specializes in neurological function, injury rehabilitation and complex pain management. He is the founder of Axon Movement, a complementary healthcare practice located at Statera Health in Edina. You can find him @timothy_borowski on Instagram.


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