I Got a Rowing Machine for Christmas

Woman using exercise equipment
Will I get fit or will it just sit?

Leading up to 2021, I knew I needed to move more. I’m good at getting out for walks and a few sets of tennis in the summer months. In winter, my go-to is a few miles on a treadmill while watching television. I know that’s not enough for overall fitness, but I’m not one for lifting weights (even though I should) or exerting myself for very long (maybe I don’t need to?) So, when I heard a podcaster ask actor Hugh Jackman, who achieved an impressive physical metamorphosis at age 44 for a superhero movie role, “What do you think is the single best piece of at-home exercise equipment?” I tuned in … and he thinks a rowing machine provides the best overall body workout in the least amount of time. Okay. I’m game. I did some research and decided to purchase a magnetic style rowing machine. It’s compact and quiet and was relatively inexpensive. Rowing workouts engage a large proportion of muscles while being easy on the joints. The “best” part is, I’m told I need not row for long periods of time to get results. I admit that I’m still not as committed to daily exercise as I should be, so I talked to a few local experts for more specific advice. Check out what they had to say in our feature story on page 22. Here’s to a renewed spirit of wellness in 2021. I’m cheering you on, Edina, from the seat of my rowing machine (or maybe from the couch, no judgement).