Images of Edina 2022 Photo Contest Winners

Dry Dock Repair
We're seeing Edina through your eyes.
1st Place in People

You understood the assignment, Edina. We asked to see Edina through your eyes in our 2022 Images of Edina photo contest and you delivered stunning shots of the people, places and things that mean the most to you in our community.

Now, we're pleased to present the winners and runners-up to our five categories: Activities & Events, Business, People, Places in Edina and Plants & Animals. Best in Show and Readers' Choice will be announced at Edina's city council meeting on October 6. All winners will also be honored at the October 6 city council meeting.

Keep an eye out, these winners and participants may be featured in our Last Glace page in future print issues through 2023.

Drum roll please ... 

Activities & Events

1st Place

Title: Soccer Sunset by Leah Steidl

Soccer Sunset


Title: Trick or Treat at Todd Park by Leah Steidl

Trick or Treat at Todd Park


1st Place

Title: RH Light by Nancy Fergesen

RH Light


Title: Time is of the Essence by Stephanie Thomas

Time is of the Essence

Honorable Mention

Title: Holiday window by Nancy Fergesen

Holiday window


1st Place

Title: Dry Dock Repair by Vicki Hurwitz

Dry Dock Repair


Title: Summer moments to remember by Leah Steidl

Summer moments to remember

Places in Edina

1st Place

Title: Library Day by Rebecca Peterson

Library Day


Title: Reflections Under 50th Street by Stephanie Thomas

Reflections Under 50th StreetHonorable Mention

Title: The Restorative Power of Bredesen Park by Stephanie Thomas

The Restorative Power of Bredesen Park

Plants & Animals

1st Place

Title: Surprise! by Judy Fulk



Title: But Still … by Lisa Rose

But Still …

Honorable Mention

Title: Great Egret Silhouette by Mark Bergeron

Great Egret Silhouette

Honorable Mention

Title: Flowering Piggies by Rebecca Peterson

Flowering Piggies

Thank you to every one who submitted their images of Edina this year. We look forward to seeing what you'll submit for next year's contest!