Images of Edina: Art from Art

Photographer Timothy Macht snaps a still at the Edina Art Fair.
2018 Images of Edina photo submissions accepted until June 16th.

We can all appreciate a piece of art, so what about a photograph of a piece of art? Timothy Macht, former Edina resident and photographer, proves art can also create a beautiful, and entirely unique, photo.

“I usually look for unique things,” he says. “Everything was just so colorful and textured, I had to take [this] photo.”

The photo, titled Glass Mobile, is of a glass sculpture from Edina’s 2017 Art Fair. Macht says you couldn’t miss it because of its bright colors and interesting design as well as its size. With the added inlay of metal, it truly is an impressive sight. However, sculptures aren’t the only thing Macht enjoys taking pictures of.

“I love nature, and I guess I would say I’m more of a macro photographer,” says Macht. “I like to see the little details. I’ve always been a creative person, and I originally went to a fine arts school.”

While he does create his own photo greeting cards, Macht takes photos as more of a hobby. His style is a bit more relaxed. The results can be impressive, and it’s not the first time he’s sent a photo in for the Images of Edina photo contest.

Macht also enjoys the summer by hiking, biking and occasionally walking around Edina. If it’s a little less nice outside, Macht enjoys dancing “free style” when he can. He also travels up to the North Shore and collects driftwood. He even recently put together a large wooden cross from all of his collected pieces, and he will likely make more sculptures in the future.