Images of Edina: Hornet Harmony

Award-winning photographer talks about this magic moment.
Marching Band by Moonlight, first place winner in Community Events by Suzanne Magnuson.

Photographs are one of the few mediums that can tell a real story in a single glance. In this featured photo, it’s fairly easy to see what’s happening, but that isn’t the only reason it was award winning.

“It was a full moon that evening, and I thought it would be cool looking with the Bandies and moon,” says photographer Suzanne Magnuson. “The opportunity just presented itself.”

A volunteer photographer with Edina High School, Magnuson has been taking photos since her own high school days. The interest sparked when she and a friend joined the yearbook class.

“I was immediately smitten with the camera,” she says.

For graduation, her parents bought her a 35mm camera which she’s used quite a bit. However, despite it being her favorite hobby, Magnuson never majored in photography in college. Instead, she majored in art and went on to study graphic design. But it wouldn’t be too long before photography once again became more than a hobby.

“When my oldest was in orchestra, I started volunteering as a photographer for the school,” she says.

What started with photographing the band has escalated into much more. Magnuson photographs Edina High School marching band events at the Minnesota State Fair, and also the theater program at Edina High School, among other events. “I toured with the football team to Branson,” she says. “That was a really fun trip.”

When she isn’t snapping great photographs, Magnuson spends her time raising her three children. Next time you’re at a game or performance at EHS, you’ll likely spot Magnuson doing one of her favorite things.