Sweet Treat at Snuffy’s

by | Nov 2022

'Sweet Treat at Snuffy’s' by Patricia Willette

Photo: Patricia Willette

Local grandmother shares a beloved afternoon with her grandchildren.

Amature photographer Patricia Willette was out with her grandsons for a fun afternoon just before Easter 2021. “I had a special day with my youngest grandsons, Luke and Mason; they are cousins,” Willette says. “I hid some plastic Easter eggs, which they scouted around to find [that afternoon]. We also walked to Arden Park and enjoyed the new playground. After all this, they were both hungry so we went to Snuffy’s on Valley View [Road] in Edina, just a few blocks from my home.”

Willette snapped the perfect picture as her grandchildren started sipping their malt. “They’re just so cute,” Willette says. “With the technology used today, I take pictures like these to make personal cards for my friends and family.”

Photographer: Patricia Willette
Title: Sweet Treat at Snuffy’s
Equipment: iPhone 8
Location: Snuffy’s Malt Shop
First Place: Business


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