Images of Edina Photographer Captures Two City Landmarks

by | Oct 2020

An historic oak tree and farm house in Edina.

Photo: Burton Hanson

A glimpse of local history captured through a camera lens.

We regularly feature photo submissions from our Images of Edina photo contest in the pages of Edina Magazine and online. This month, we asked Burton Hanson to tell us about his photograph titled Venerable Edina in Venerable April.

Where was the photo taken?
I took the picture from the sidewalk across W. 50th using the only camera I had available at the time, my iPhone camera. [It] is of two Edina landmarks in an historic Edina neighborhood, one being the beautifully shaped old oak tree in the foreground and the other being the historic farm house in the background.

Although the photograph was taken in April, we think the leafless tree also captures an interesting perspective for October. What does Burton think?
What I think the picture captures is the cool pale pure venerable light of a still, amid all the traffic of W. 50th, April day when light casts no shadow but beautifies everything–showing here both the shape of the venerable old oak tree, a shape one doesn’t see in the same way when the leaves are out, and the venerable historic house–one of the icons of Edina, lovingly and tastefully preserved and maintained, a house that is as fresh as it is old.”


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